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I had the pleasure of being invited to a fellow Instagrammer’s house one Sunday in late November. This was a gathering of minds as well as feeding our stomachs ! So i owe a huge thank you to @tatianalivesey for her hospitality and also a fabulous producer that just  happened to be there.


The Sunday dinner was British traditional and big on flavours. This was to be so apt for the experience that day! Something that is never really experienced in this country is that the producer visits your house, showcases their wine and everyone has a fab time .


For those that are old enough there was a film in the 80’s called Peters Friends    5 friends got together and shared a moment, a bond, a point in life.


Like in the movie our group of 5 individuals all have led different paths in life. I was expecting the conversation to be stilted, the whole event to be a washout!

However the lunch party soon started and by the end of the day I walked away feeling a hell of a lot better and felt like I had enhanced relationships not hindered them. In 7 years of being in the industry I’ve never witnessed this coming together of individuals and it all working – a rare find indeed.

Fabulous People & Fabulous wine. Perfect !

PerUs is an ultra-premium producer of red wines out of Napa, USA. Founded by Anmol Bhandari who was born and in New Delhi, immigrated to the United States and built a successful career in finance. Anmol was introduced to Dustin Wilson, Master Sommelier, and they both would travel to the Napa Valley to research both vineyards and winemakers. Dustin introduced Ammol to Russell Bevan, one of the world’s great winemakers.

Russell Bevan

What  makes this article poignant  is that both what I witnessed and what the ethos is with PerUs came together on that day. Im not a terribly  over spiritual person but when the experience the wine the food and the conversation all come together that has to be a special moment.

This industry is a funny one. in my time I have witnessed very passionate people,   people that have energy and determination that some times outstrips demand for salary. But the industry produces some inviduals that sometimes you just think  “I get them”.  I think if im honest the fact that you go to a  house with someone you barely know and expect to gell  the chance ould be pretty low on the “good luck”  scale

At this stage in my industry experience you expect peers to know something about wine   but I am constantly amazed how knowledgable we all are. It was the focus for my learning over the initial years in wine  and will be continued long into the future.  Peers invested in me its time to invest in those that are just starting out.   Some of the guys that were there on that seminal day  have already written about  the wines in passionate detail and is detailed on line josh with @wordonthevine & Georgie with @whiningawaytheweekend , Daphne with toro_tries_wine and not forgetthing Tatiana with  @tatianalivesey (chest them all out , you’ll be glad you did).

So what do I write about.  Well …..

PerUS has a mantra. In normal circumstances I would say this doesn’t quite feel right but  having experienced the passion of Katya and seeing the nuances in the wines unfold from the glass you can see why they say that  it was established by a bunch of people who are ‘passionate in their belief that life is to be measured not only by their possessions but rather by friends family  and the memories they cherish. The state that this Defines PerUs as a company and inspires them to share their vision Globally. A daunting task   but a bloody enjoyable one !

PerUs_Vineyard by David Peterson_2The PerUs team

Anmol Bhandar


Owner and main man of the vineyard. Totally his vision and dertermination this vision was born


Russel Bevan  World class winemaker and one mean cool dude (see above)


Ronan Sayburn  World Class Sommelier heading up 67 Pall mall in London UK


Michael Vanderbyl – Architect for designing the label


Alejandro Demarco  The Business brains behind the Wine


Katya Kurtbek – Putting glamour and Marketing into one PerUs experience


Sanda Zotti – Responsible for Super client relationships.

These 7 people make Purus what it is.

Because of the nature of the small amount of hectares and the insatiable demand for a niche market producer the winery only produces approx. 820 acres and its best tool for marketing is as a high end members club. Demand is so high there is a huge waiting list. Enticing clients in with its ethos.Tench_Vineyard 3

View of the Vineyard

The Wines PerUs_Box by John Baca-Dubets_2


PerUs Veena 2016

Robert mondavi first coined the term Fumee Blanc . This has grown up since those heady 80’s days. Not only was the characteristic Gooseberries and passionfruit gone but this fabulous white enjoys tropical fruit and citrus on the palate. It has a super crisp clean acidity  that somehow leaves the drinker wondering  what happened there. “that was magical” Not many people would enjoy big smokey whites but due to its subleness and to its enticing nature –   this works

Pairs well Cheese, Fish and light foods. Score 19/20

Drink till 2025

Price £150 Hedonism Wines 

PerUs Bryn 2017  

80% Cabernet Sauvignon – hints of blackberries and blueberries on the nose and palate. This is essentially chocolately. Lovely smooth tannins  Big Bold and seductive Score 19/20

Price £188 Hedonism Wines 

PerUs Armaan 2017

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot .

Hints of forest floor fruits tobacco and chocolate . This wine is elegant and refinedand clearly shows a slap in the face with a big chunk of blackberries

Pair with steak, lamb Beef , Game and Venison Score 19/20

Price £282 Hedonism Wines 

D81B1505PerUs Janeen

Cabernet Sauvignon .

Notes of Blackberry and liquorice, dark olives, cedar box, cloves and mocha. This is a big and bruisy red Pair with Beef and Venison score 19/20

Price £598 Hedonism Wines 

PerUs Kyla

Cabernet  Sauvignon Cabernet Franc and Merlot

Hints of liquorice, dark fruits, Black fruits, blackcurrants. This is a subtle but strong red with a velvety feel. Pair with Beef , Game, Lamb, Venison and Poultry score 19/20

Price £410 Hedonism Wines 

Allocation 1

Shame Robert parkers website has not rated these wines as I think hes missing out . This is surely a producer that ranks in the top 5 % of his rating system

If any of you are wondering if i’m paid to write this article or have received any gifts I have not , one thing I firmly believe should stay true is my integrity . Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive  but expensive wine should be good. These wines genuinely excel in that regard. For that i’m truly grateful to experience a fabulous set of wines with a bunch of wine professionals that I now consider friends. Heres to them and a lesson learned for Life. Embrace the moment, enrich your life and savour those special times as they will become memories for ever.

If you want to know more about PerUs  contact me on Instagram or all other social media websites where to see @thegrapewizard or head over to PerU’s website

PerUs Website

Music to Wine Pairing 

I think the music resonates with the ethos of the producer. See for yourself!


Watch out for the Upcoming Interview from PerUs !!!. Coming Soon ….

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