On the road with the wizard

Producer : Caelesta, PASO USA

If you ever take a wrong turn, somewhere in California, when you’re heading for Napa or Sonoma – have a bit of luck and hopefully you’ll end…

Producer : Chapel Down UK

Is Chapel Down becoming the frontrunner for the English wine industry…?. English wine is set to be as big as Oregon now; in 2040!

Producer : Chateau Angelus FR

Put together a world class wine , globally renowned members club in London and an experience never to be forgotten – Hubert Bouard of Ch. Angelus

Producer : Allegrini, Italy

Take a trip to Valpolicella and enjoy the history, the wines and the region. Elegance, romance and a surprise ending on a trip to the opera and…

Producer : Oatley Vineyard, UK

This month thegrapewizard goes in search of one of Uk’s most environmently conscious producer. Keeping Carbon footprint low and doing the right thing !

Follow me on my trails around the globe. Looking at vineyards. Looking at vines and living my best life. Some of the greatest vineyards don’t have to cost the earth to visit or drink. Find your grape then explore the world.

Enter the crazy world of a grape wizard that wants to explore new grapes. New regions. Regions that are under discovered under valued and in need of sampling.

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