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Interviews currently under construction….. Please watch this Space

In a new format i’ll highlight a “SIP, SAVE and STALK” format  on every interview. 
This will be 3 consistent questions that i will ask the interviewee so you the reader can get an idea of who the person is …..
Sip- is a wine that can be drunk now!
This will enable the interviewee to highlight a wine that they are drinking now Even one just hanging around. Doesn’t matter , just that they like it.
Save – is a wine that should be invested in or stored for improvement.
Ideally a wine that they have treasured , have wanted or merely treated as a wine to be stored for investment. Whatever the choice it should be a special wine.
Stalk- is to name a person, place or Wine that should be inspirational or aspirational
For the stalk option this is left open for any particular person, organisation or wine that is worthy of following. There has to be a reason for inclusion.


Over the coming months please look out for interviews with people of note within the industry and this SIP SAVE and STALK will be included in the interview.

interview with the billecart






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