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This week was my birthday  and thank you so much for sending me loads of cards !!!! All 3 of them arrived just in time. For everyone else a point to note is 13/08

My better half treated me to a four day trip to Copenhagen and what better way to spend it than allow a bit of business to creep in!!!

Copenhagen lies to the North of Europe and is probably one of the few places where the capital city is detached from the mainland.

In fact if Denmark did Island 🌴 capitals they’d probably do the best in the world 🌎😜.  Only 2 hours on the plane from Heathrow it felt more like a commute to work than a mini holiday

 I was struck by the cleanliness of the airport , of the streets of the appearance and of the whole place. Danes are nothing but facidious.

The 4 day stay at the hotel

courtesy of

Very much corporate in style it was a shame there wasn’t more creature comforts – bijou and basic.  Still I wasn’t here to be Alex Polizzi.

But this was 2 minutes away ………

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, C or Shutterstock

As you can imagine Central Copenhagen is full of tourists and as such offers a varied choice of quality restaurants , however we found some fab places and i would highly recommend them  –  please click on the links below to find out more

A few that was visited were :

The Union Kitchen

In one of Copenhagen’s trendiest districts, Nyhavn, is Union Kitchen, where tattooed employees look like lead singers from rock bands , the colour scheme uber cool grey-on-grey, and the menu is homemade granola and toasted sourdough with cottage cheese, tomato, thyme and olive oil. FAB 5*

Atelier Sept

Atelier September  houses  a café, a boutique and a creative studio.

Chef and creator Frederik Bille serve natural food & artisan coffee, operating for breakfast & lunch as well as late afternoon. The back of the building is used as an artist studio for notable danish designers (Birgitte Due Madsen, Olga Bramsen, Stine Langvad and Jonas Trampedach.) Fab place to be for uber cool breakfasts.



Two former Noma sous-chefs have joined forces and opened the restaurant BROR, which focuses mainly on the Nordic cuisine. Samuel Nutter and Victor Wågman have previously worked at the world-renowned Michelin-star restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Now they have opened restaurant BROR in the heart of the Danish capital.
The word “bror” means brother in Danish and symbolises care, honesty and respect, which are the exact values that makes the restaurant.

The food is simple but good and is made with ingredients from the Northern European region.

Other places definitely worth a visit

  • Torvehallerne (Frederiksborggade 21) bring the Italian market right to Copenhagen. Find yourself a treat among the numerous food stalls.
  • Papirøen, or Copenhagen Street Food as it bills itself (Trangravsvej 14) offers loads of exotic food choices. Everything from Cuban and Korean to Lebanese and Japanese is in sale here. Stuff your face !!!!

but having enjoed all the healthy food and it was great food

it was time to get down to business !!!

I scoured the capital for a gin producer (as Denmark is too cold to grow grapes ) and found the fabulous Copenhagen distillery just to the southeast of the town centre

2016-11-21 What is next for Copenhagen Distillery 1 ny

 the guy’s ethos is …..

“At Copenhagen Distillery we believe in simplicity and balance. We pay respect to tradition, but it’s through design, experimentation and radical thinking that we propel ourselves into new and uncharted territories. From the distillation and discovery of tantalizing new flavors, to the design of the bottle, the entire experience of enjoying one of our spirits should be a pleasure for both the palate and the eye.”

extract from the

It is an ethos that can be clearly seen. (As can the height differential between me and the Lead Distiller (Lasse Oznek))


Small distilling tanks used for the production of all their products. This month sees the instillation of  Lasse’s baby. A German produced still (Complete with swans neck !)

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The guys

Sune and Henrik produce an amazing array of products



The distinct coffee liqueur is based on organic Mexican coffee beans. The coffee beans used are a mix of two different roasts: a very light roast that lends a higher acidity, and a medium dark roast that catches slightly bitter coffee notes. When combined the coffee distillates with cane sugar, green anise and a touch of grated organic lemon peel for a rich, bitter and slightly sweet experience.



Borrowing from the process used to develop single malt whiskey, the Oak Gin is rested in small sherry oak casks to allow the combination of juniper, orange peel, and pepper to develop a unique, smooth and balanced flavor.



 Copenhagen Dry Gin is a 100% honey spirit made from double distilled mead. It belongs to a very exclusive category of Single Botanical Gins, where juniper is the only botanical used.



Inspired by the classic, early 20th-century orange gin. Instead of mimicking the gin of the past, its built on the tradition by using a mix of both sweet and bitter oranges. Combined with sweet prune, spicy long pepper, cardamom and juniper for a rich body. Orange Gin is a unique spin on a classic spirit.



Indonesian Long Pepper

Indonesian Long Pepper Snaps is a fusion of the familiar and the exotic. It holds a powerful sweetness, sharp citrus tang and a spicy lingering aftertaste. It can be enjoyed straight, traditionally with a meal, or as a base for a startlingly unique cocktail experience.




A smooth and highly complex Snaps with all the aromas you associate with Christmas. A fine taste of oranges with tones of sweet prunes and cardamom.



Dill Anise Aquavit is an invigorating twist on this classic Scandinavian spirit. With dill as the primary flavor driver, complemented by notes of green anise and lemon peel, the Aquavit has a sharp citrus tang with a lingering aftertaste that is spicy and distinct.

This operation is all about craft and product. Not about brand.

Soon to be released into the UK. Stay tuned for details….

On top of every thing else of being Inventive, creative  uber cool and downright great guys they are now hosting a world first……


SPIRIKUM is the world’s first festival for lovers, makers and drinkers of Snaps and Aquavit.

At Spirikum, there will be spirit producers from all over Scandinavia and USA, who will bring samples of their Snaps and Aquavit.  5 of the best restaurants in Copenhagen making street food, and some of Copenhagen’s best brewers to come and serve their beers.

see the link for more info Spirikum

To sum up my time in Copenhagen it is a place of beauty, a place i didn’t expect

This week I have been very impressed with the experience of Denmark and Copenhagen. People are friendly the place is clean and the lifestyle is super healthy.  Bikes every where and microgreens on every plate. How is this destination not more popular. !!  It’s one of those places you glad you visited not one that was an effort to get to

As you would expect from Denmark 🇩🇰 two of the biggest exports to come from the Danes

are Danish bacon


and Danish pastries.


could i find anyone selling them . nope. How can this be. 🤓

this weeks Music pairing = uber cool 😎

Bellhound Choir

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