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If you ever think that Northumberland is somewhere up North and somewhere cold you would be right.  If you think it’s was from a scene from “The Game of Thrones  you would be also right!   and if you thought you saw a hobbit you probably did..

One thing you can’t take away from this fabulous county – is it’s beauty   So much variation on colors and temperatures make this county one of the most enchanting. After years of being forgotten about Northumberland is in the midst of a revival.

 Not since the Duchess of Northumberland revamped Alnwick gardens has the area seen so much tourism. Alnwick Castle is also the scene of Harry Potter films. All of these places lend them selves to the natural and wild nature of Northumberland.

In the village of Hepple there lies a quiet distillery   Away from prying eyes and left to produce the most fabulous and satisfying gin you can ever make.  The operation is run and owned by Walter and the gang! (See below)

With the support of Sophie (pictured ) and Chris the chief distiller ( formally of Sipsmith)  they produce botanicals of the freshest type.

“The freshest type making machine “

Freshness of the products are preserved by this machine at the moment they are picked. Very important for super clean flavours and distinguishing the product from other gins that appear generic. Indeed these bottles ( think blue and one green) do need a rebrand. Consumers need a product that is small batch, has provenance and has less than 50 botanicals in it !!!!!
Below is the copper still ( notice the swans neck) with the Master Distiller ,Chris

A beauty if I ever saw one !

Chris with the copper still

Although it is usual in the industry to name the copper still. in Hepple they choose to name the juniper bushes   A nice touch and a nod to the careful and fragile location  in which Walter and the gang get all their botanicals from. All ingredients are picked on the estate- this bucks the trend in the industry and is a rarity. Making the taste pure and fresh.

Walter and Chris always pick green juniper as this imparts the freshness in the gin –  purple juniper (a year older ) has less character and less prominent in its flavours. As you can imagine. Most large scale producers use purple juniper 👀 for green juniper on gins.  

“Horizontal Hector”

Hector a big old beast which needs a lot of care and tenderness ( talking to him also helps! ) these bushes hold a fragile ecosystem and you can understand why the gang go to great lengths to protect the land on which they grow

The landscape doesn’t get much better than this !!!!

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 Fresh scent of green apple, bright grapefruit and spicy juniper. underlying notes of Douglas Fir 🌲 and  blackcurrant


 fresh citrus flavours evolve into ripe cantaloupe melon 🍉 , the spicy fragrant juniper continues to coat the palate


Extremely long and this is where the juniper reveals itself further with flavours alternating between sandalwood and cedar with a notable savoury presence that complements the sweet blackcurrant  and liquorice. The sweet juiciness is maintained throughout the finish.

 Chris at one with nature and a martini 😜

Passionate guys. Passionate brand

If you want a different brand that not a generic global brand or one that stinks of cucumber then this one is for you.  It’s a breath of fresh air (sorry ! ) to see guys producing a product. Not only in the heart of where it’s produced but also so much conviction on what a fabulous gin they have produced.  This is certainly one gin to watch

Hepple gin

Music pairing. Vance joy riptide

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  1. Lesley Chapman says:

    I love this gin – a pure, clean taste of wild Northumberland!

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